Girlsplained Episode 22 – Diversity in Fiction & Marvel NOW! 2016

Join Joshua and guest co-host Leslie Light of Black Nerd Problems as they discuss diversity in fiction in general and the Marvel NOW! 2016 lineup in particular.

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Marvel NOW! 2016 Confirmed Lineup

Ava Duvernay (Writer, Producer, Director, Thinker)

The Magical Negro TV Trope (mentioned by Leslie)

The Mighty White TV Trope (not specifically mentioned, but Iron Fist, Avatar, The Last Samurai, etc.)

Worlds of Wakanda (as reported by the New York Times)

Writing the Other Workshop on the web and Twitter

Black Nerd Problems on Twitter

Facing Nerd Problems: Is Representation for Representation’s Sake the New Danger? (BNP article)

Webster’s Can’t Bang with the Black Nerd Problems Glossary (BNP article and a favorite of Josh’s)

Leslie’s novel, Queen of Hunger

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