Girlsplained Episode 17 – Humans Have Not Yet Conquered The Problematic (Jessica Jones 3)

This week’s episode of Girlsplained comes with another content note (as many episodes of the Jessica Jones deep read will). We talk about victims of sexual assault, and the sometimes less-than-helpful ways people respond to them. While this episode may be a hard conversation, Team GS hopes that you’ll get something useful from this conversation. As always, we invite your feedback and thoughts, and we remain committed to our mission of intersectional feminist pop-culture analysis.

For discussion of this week’s episode, or a copy of these notes, visit us!

Robert Bohl’s fine essay on the third episode, AKA It’s Called Whiskey.

A post by Rob where he links the The Problem With True Canon. Josh has some comments on the post you may find interesting.

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